Unique plain fabrics, authentic fabrics

Woven Fabrics

Fancy tweed collection in which we include effect yarns as paper yarns, tricotine, flag yarns, pompoms, glitter, printed yarns, metallized yarns, iridescent yarns, flat yarns, cut-yarns and  lurex® yarns.
Stretch tweed: we mix an elastic yarn into the weft
Plain and tartan brushed mohair
Lino weave made of fancy yarns and mohair
Top of the range plain fabrics collection:
100% Cashmere, 100% Baby Alpaca, 100% Angora, or mixed with natural fibres as Kid Mohair, Lambswool, Silk and cotton.
Authentic fabrics characterized by our 150 years of history:
We have manufactured and supplied woolen cloths to French army since Napoleon III.
Breton Pea coats originally manufactured for Breton mariners and oyster fishermen from the Bay of Arcachon.