Fancy Leno Shed

Lighter than classic fancy tweeds, leno sheds have an openwork woven structure. They are woven on special looms that allow the warp threads to cross each other after the passage of each weft thread. With their semi-transparent, open structure, their airy qualities are perfectly suited to making light jackets, overskirts, and cardigans.

For each fabric, we offer a range of colors. Our design office also makes every effort to meet your needs. It is possible to adapt our fabrics to your desires and make custom patterns for you. In addition, we make our archives available to our clients—a generous and inexhaustible source of inspiration.

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Fancy Weaving

In the Weaving Workshop, fancy weaves are woven on special loom assemblies where the reeds, the threading, and the knotting are determined by the variations of thread sizes present in each fabric. These technical specificities give our articles all their richness.

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A fully vertically integrated company, we are experts in and control all stages of manufacturing, from the selection of raw material to the finished fabric.

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