For more than 155 years, we have produced quality fabrics that combine creativity and technical skill. Excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction are values embedded in the historical culture of our manufacturing.

A fully vertically integrated company, we are experts in and control all stages of our manufacturing, from the selection of raw materials to the finished fabric. It is thanks to this production capability that Jules Tournier has acquired an international reputation in the textile market; the company exports its products globally.

Creativity, confidentiality, responsiveness, ethics, and sustainability are our hallmarks.

– Our suppliers –

Our textile expertise allows us to forge privileged links with those who dedicate their work to the production of the finest materials. By exploring textile-producing regions around the world, we meet the most rigorous standards and partner with the most reliable producers.

At the factory, our materials are carefully selected.

Lionel Bonneville

For example, over the past several years, we have developed a close partnership with Merino sheep breeders from the neighboring arles region, whom we visit regularly throughout the year.

Their remarkable work is a premium product that we remunerate at a fair price. Thus, we can guarantee total traceability and ethical, sustainable farming. Our carbon footprint has been reduced as much as possible with the development of a virtuous circular economy.

Whether fiber or yarn, we judge the quality of materials, but also their manufacturing processes, even going so far as to consider their conditions of transport.

For example, we favor local businesses by collaborating on a daily basis with fancy yarn spinning mills from the Tarn region, thus combining ethics and practicality.

For our technical fabrics, we use the most innovative materials—ones renowned for their physical, thermal, and mechanical performance. We use manufacturers recognized for the quality of their materials, and work with world leaders in high-performance fibers.

Made in France

– Made in France –

We produce according to our values and our convictions. We are passionate, independent, and transparent.

Lionel Bonneville

The history of the factory is intimately tied to that of its region, which from the 15th century onward, exploited the unique, natural properties of the water from the Montagne Noire for wool pulling and the treatment of leathers. Situated in Mazamet since its founding in 1865, the Jules Tournier factory is located in the municipalities of Mazamet, Aussillon, and Pont de l’Arn.

This geographic concentration allows us to carry out all stages of textile production, from spinning to the finishing touches, in-house and guarantees MADE IN FRANCE production to our customers.

– Our Environmental Commitments –

of solar panels
0 tons
of recycled fiber/year
0 MW/year
Produced by solar panels, i.e., the amount used by 650 households/year
0 MW/year
Produced by our hydroelectric power station.

Jules Tournier’s industrial sites are partially energy-autonomous thanks to our production of renewable energy.

– Our contributions –

The company supports the La Cause Foundation—recognized as promoting the public interest—which practices the art of support, as well as the John Bost Foundation, a non-profit health and medico-social institution in the area of medium- and long-term care.

It also encourages young creators and textile designers, sending yarns and fabrics to the most prestigious fashion schools for their projects.

In addition, Jules Tournier participates in the economic and social development of its region by donating its apprenticeship tax to Mazamétain schools and by proudly sponsoring the Sporting Club Mazamétain, or SCM (rugby).

Recently, in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, we donated more than 50,000 UNS-1 masks to the Pierre Fabre Foundation.

Recognized as serving the public interest, this organization provides access to medicines and healthcare materials to the poorest populations on the planet.