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Jules Tournier is a family-owned, independent, French textile manufacturer that employs over a hundred people in Mazamet, in the Tarn. The company perpetuates the transmission of exceptional expertise through strong regional roots.


Carder, wool blender (preparing raw materials), spinner, weaver, knitter, foreman, workshop manager, production manager, textile designer, sales representative, sampling manager, storekeeper—they all contribute to the success of the factory and perpetuate its savoir-faire, combining traditional and modern technical knowledge.

“These professions can only be learned through transmission, interpersonal interaction, and experience.”

Lionel Bonneville

montage métier à tisser

Jules Tournier frequently offers career opportunities and capitalizes on the diversity of its talents. Our professions cover our entire production chain, from the sourcing of materials to the distribution of our products, including their manufacture. The diversity of tasks and the versatility of assignments to be carried out is a real asset within the company.

In addition, we regularly offer in-house training in the form of tutoring to promote the transfer of expertise from one generation to the next.

Coming from varied professional backgrounds, our employees respond daily to the economic challenges that the factory must meet in order to renew itself and remain a strong player in the French textile industry.

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