In response to the COVID-19 health crisis, the Jules Tournier factory has become involved in the production of AFNOR-compliant, UNS1 Category 1 DGA washable, reusable masks. We reoriented part of our production to cope with the mask shortage and certified the two models developed by our technicians:


The Model 9220M, a multilayer mask composed of two fabrics (55% Linen, 45% Cotton) enveloping a filtering non-woven fabric (80% Polypropylene 20% Polyester). It is certified reusable for 100 washes and its particle filtration rating is 3μm > 90%.


The Model J1490M, a 100% cotton knitted single-layer mask, with a particle filtration efficiency of 3μm > 90% for 100 washes.

Minimum order size is 100 masks.

One single email address for all your requests:

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