Fleeces for heat-resistant and cut-resistant linings.

Our aramid fiber fleeces are used as lining for gloves and protective clothing. Our wool and cotton fleeces are mainly used for the lining of leather gloves.

The main advantages are very good thermal insulation and good cut resistance. These linings increase the performance of the gloves against contact heat and cutting.

Composition: Twaron®/Recycled Para-aramid and Meta-aramid/Regenerated aramid/Cotton/Wool/Heracron®/Kevlar®

Weight: From 190 g/m² to 350 g/m²

Standards: NF EN 388, NF EN ISO 9185, NF EN ISO 9151, NF EN ISO 15025, NF EN ISO 17493.

  • Areas of application: personal protective equipment, textile solutions for industry.
  • Uses: Reinforcement for gloves and cut-resistant clothing, lining for gloves and clothing, thermal insulation, cut resistance, aluminized clothing, contact and radiant heat protection, thermal barriers, support for silicone coating and aluminum foil.
  • Aluminized, metallized and silicone coatings available on request.

Keywords:  napped knit, fleece, cut-resistant, thermal insulation, contact heat protection, aluminized fleece

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A fully vertically integrated company, we are experts in and control all stages of manufacturing, from the selection of raw material to the finished fabric.

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ISO 9001 certified, we carry out testing at each stage of manufacturing of our fabrics.

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Located in the Tarn since its creation in 1865, the workshops of the Jules Tournier factory are spread over several production sites in the municipalities of Mazamet, Aussillon, and Pont de l’Arn.

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